Flash Gordon



Total episodes: 26
Surviving episodes: 26


27 April 1935-26 October 1935
Broadcast on Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS)


Note: Original titles are unknown. Those cited here are drawn from radio logs.
Episodes available at Internet Archive website.

  • On the Planet Mongo
    Episode 01, 27 April 1935
    Based on comic strips from 7, 14, 21, and 28 January 1934; 4, 11, 18, and 25 February 1934; and 4, 11, and 18 March 1934
    A new planet enters the solar system and is on a collision course with Earth. With the planet of doom come fiery meteors. One strikes an airplane carrying Flash Gordon and Dale Arden. They parachute safely to ground, landing near the laboratory of Dr. Hans Zerkov, famous scientist. Crazed from his non-stop efforts to save Earth, Dr. Zarkov forces Flash and Dale into his rocket ship. They travel through space to the planet Mongo where they crash and are captured by Emperor Ming, the evil ruler. Ming sends Flash to the arena where he fights and defeats four red Monkey Men. Ming is not pleased and orders Flash killed, but his daughter, Princess Aura, helps Flash escape. Aura imprisons Flash in her private rocket car and tells him to love her or die. Like daughter, like father, Ming tells Dale that she will marry him. The Lion Men attack Ming's city in their Space Gyros. Flash escapes during the attack and meets Prince Thun, of the Lion Men. Flash and Thun join forces to battle Ming. Using a "Thought Projector" in Thun's Space Gyro, they see Dale held captive, and a secret way into Ming's castle, "The Tunnel of Terror," guarded by deadly beasts. Fighting past these monsters, Flash and Thun arrive in Ming's throne room where they interrupt Ming's wedding to Dale. Flash and Thun rescue Dale, but while attempting to escape, fall into an underground river. Dale is captured by Sharkmen. Script available here.
  • An Alliance Forms
    Episode 02, 4 May 1935
    Based on comic strips from 18 and 25 March 1934; 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 April 1934; 6, 13, 20, and 27 May 1934; and 3 and 10 June 1934
    Flash and Dale are captured by green Sharkmen living under the sea, on the planet Mongo. Princess Aura frees Flash, who tries to free Dale, not knowing that she has already been rescured by Prince Thun. Thun's father, King Jugrid, ruler of the Lionmen captures Flash and Princess Aura, who throws herself over a cliff and is caught by a "constrictor plant." Flash attempts to free her, but is also caught by the plant. They are rescued and captured by Prince Barin, a rebel who opposes Emperor Ming. Barin also holds Dr. Zarkov prisoner. Barin forces Flash and Dr. Zarkov to fight each other with daggers poisoned with dragon's blood. Flash foils Barin's plan and is reunited with Dr. Zarkov. Flash, Dr. Zarkov, and Barin join forces to overthrow Ming. They use a electric "burrowing mole" to tunnel into Ming's palace. Princess Aura persuades her guard, Ronkol, to help her escape so she can warn her father, Emporer Ming The Merciless, of the attack. When Flash, Dr. Zarkov, and Barin burrow through the floor of Ming's palace central hall, they are captured by Ming's armored men. Ming's High Priest, Zogi, reminds Ming that his captures have the right to undergo "the torture pit" where Flash and Barrin stand on a platform and using long whips, try to knock each other into the pit. Flash knocks Barin into the pit, and immediatley jumps in after him. When he tries to climb out of the pit, with Barin, he finds a transparent metal lid blocks their escape. Then the "tigrons" arrive, fierce tigers with unicorn horns. Flash defeats them. Prince Thun, who has escaped from Ming's soliders, pushes back the metal lid allowing Flash and Barin to escape. Ming and Dale are to be married by Zogi. But, once again, Flash and Thun interrupt the marriage. Captured, once again, Flash, Thun, and Barin are sentenced to the prison city of the cruel Hawkmen. Dale "will be taught to act like an Empress." Script available here.
  • Imprisoned by Hawkmen
    Episode 03; 11 May 1935
    Based on comic strips from 17 and 24 June 1934; 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 July 1934; 5, 12, 19, and 26 August 1934; 2, 9, 23, and 30 September 1934; 7, 14, 21, and 28 October 1934; and 4 November 1934
    Flash, Dale, Dr. Zarkov, and Prince Thun are sent via rocket ship to a prison in Sky City, home of the Hawkmen, ruled by Prince Vultan. It is a "fate worse than death." Flash and Thun overpower their guard and are released from their cell by Dr. Zarkov and Barin, who escaped their cell when the rocket ship crashed. Outside the rocket ship, Dr. Zarkov and Thun are captured by Hawkmen who swoop down from the sky and carry them off to their city, suspended in the sky above by powerful light beams. Flash, Dale, and Barin are surprised when Princess Aura lands her rocket ship, and by her ultimatum that Flash marry her or see all his friends die. Flash refuses and Princess Aura leaves to tell the Hawkmen, who capture Flash, Dale, and Barin. Flash, Dr. Zarkov, and Barin are sent to stoke the radium furnaces which produce the light that suspends Sky City in the air. They escape. Flash searches for Dale. Prince Vultan intends to marry Dale, who resists. Flash arrives and fights off Vultan. But, they are captured. Just as Flash is to be executed by firing squad, Sky City tilts on its supporting light beams. Script available here.
  • Tournament of Death
    Episode 04, 18 May 1935
    Based on comic strips from 18 and 25 November 1934; 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30 December 1934; 6, 13, 20, and 27 January 1935; and 3, 10, 17, and 24 February 1935
    Prince Vultan prepares to kill Flash. Dr. Zarkov arrives to say he will save Sky City if Vultan will release Flash, Dale, and Barin. Dr. Zarkov demonstrates an "Atomic Light Solidifier" he developed to create a new light ray which supports and saves the city. Vultan pardons everyone, makes Dr. Zarkov his head scientist, and promises Flash and Dale a royal wedding. Emperor Ming The Merciless arrives at Sky City and demands the return of Flash, Dale, and Barin. Prince Vultan deflects Ming's demand by calling for a tournament of death. Contestants arrive from all parts of Mongo. All will fight. Only one will survive. Prince Barin declares his love for Princess Aura and enters the tournament to win back his kingdom, and the love of Aura. A masked fighter saves Flash and during the banquet that night, woos Princess Aura by saying, "I go to fight for your hand." The next day, Flash saves the masked fighter during the Sky Rope competition above a flaming arena. The masked fighter is revealed as Prince Barin. The crowd demands both be proclaimed winners. Emperor Ming agrees, and gives Prince Barin the kingdom of the forests. He gives Kira, the kingdom of the caves, to Flash. Both kingdoms are unconquered. Ming says Barin and Flash can hold their weddings in their own kingdoms, "if they live that long." Script available here.
  • Flash Gordon, King of the Cave World
    Episode 05, 25 May 1935
    Based on comic strips from 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31 March 1935; 7, 14, 21, and 28 April 1935; 5, 12, 19, and 26 May 1935; and 2 June 1935
    Flash is King of Kira, the unconquered cave world. He travels there with Dale and a number of Hawkmen under the command of Captain Khan, looking for Zug, leader of the cave men. Flash and Zug battle to establish leadership. Flash wins. Komok, a large lizard monster approaches. Flash blinds the monster with his ray gun. Exploring the caves of Kira, Flash and Dale are attacked by Lizard Men throwing stones. Flash is knocked unconscious and taken captive. Hawkmen, led by Khan, rescue Dale and together they look for Flash. They find him trapped behind a large stone. Azura, the witch queen of the blue Magic Men, and Tahl, the chief magician prepare to "welcome" the visitors to the caves. The Hawkmen soldiers are buried under an avalanche of rock. Flash, Dale, and Khan are subdued with sleep gas, released from a glass globe. They are taken to Syk, Azura's castle. Enamored with Flash, Azura orders him brought back to life. She forces Flash to obey her forever in exchange for Dale's life. They drink to the bargain, but Flash's drink is drugged with lethium, the drug of forgetfulness. Azura tests Flash by reviving Dale and Khan. Flash recognizes neither. Dale is upset to see Flash in the arms of Azura. Both Khan and Dale are forced to work in the kitchen, preparing food for Azura. Dale is forced to serve Azura and Flash food. Khan poisons the food, but Dale pretends to trip, spilling the food, rather than poison Flash. Azura orders Dale punished.
  • War in the Caves
    Episode 06; 1 June 1935
    Based on comic strip from 9 June 1935, "War in the Caves"
    Dr. Zarkov and the Hawkmen set out to rescue Flash from Queen Azura. Dale and Khan discuss Flash's bewitchment and how to save him. Dr. Zarkov and the Hawkmen are delayed in a skirmish with Cloudmen. Under the influence of lethium, Flash professes his love for Azura. Dale and Flash speak, but Flash does not recognize his sweetheart. Dr. Zarkov and the Hawkmen arrive in the caves of Kira. Flash asks Azura to release Dale. Thal announces the arrival of the Hawkmen. Azura asks Flash to lead her troops in battle against his friends! Tahl is offended. "Let her beware."
  • Dr. Zarkoff to the Rescue
    Episode 07, 8 June 1935
    Incorporates elements from 9 and 16 June 1935 comic strips, "War in the Caves" and "The Flame of Doom"
    Queen Azura and Flash review the Blue Magic Men troops with their special weapons and magic abilities. Dr. Zarkov orders ray guns to blast through the rocks blocking the tunnel entrance to Blue Magic Land. He then uses a Spaceograph to look for Flash, but a magical fog prevents him from seeing anything. Dr. Zarkov sends Captain Mar, a Hawkmen officer, as a spy to Princess Aura's palace. He will take a portable Spaceophone and report back to Dr. Zarkov. Mar meets Captain Khan and Dale Arden. Mar and Dr. Zarkov are unable to connect via Spaceophone. Dr. Zarkov leads the Hawkmen troops toward Syk, Azura's castle. Flash and Azura, with the Blue Magic Army, meet them. Dr. Zarkov orders the First Company of Lancers, the greatest fliers in the Hawkmen army to charge. Flash orders the Combustion Ray Guns made ready as the Hawkmen circle high above.
  • Aide Tahl, Plants Seeds of Doubt
    Episode 08, 15 June 1935
    Incorporates elements from 23 June 1935 comic strip, "Combat"
    Flash orders the Combustion Ray Guns to fire on the Hawkmen, who fall to Earth in flames. Dr. Zarkov wonders why Flash would order an attack against his friends. He orders the Hawkmen into a tunnel and uses turbine thermostat machines to block the entrance with a wall of solid ice. Dale, Khan, and Mar continue to call Dr. Zarkov on the Spaceophone, without success. Mar plans to leave the castle and deliver news to Dr. Zarkov. Tahl attempts to cast doubt on Flash and his ability to command action. He recommends to Queen Azura that she demote Flash, and make him the leader in Flash's place. Flash orders a charge against Dr. Zarkov's wall of ice.
  • Flash Charges Ice Barricade of Hawkmen
    Episode 09, 22 June 1935
    Incorporates elements from 30 June 1935 comic strip, "Treachery"
    Flash leads the Blue Magic Army against Dr. Zarkov and the Hawkmen, barricaded in a tunnel behind a wall of solid ice. Tahl, furious at being replaced by Flash attempts to kill him with a ray gun. Flash falls from his horse. Queen Azura halts the charge and commands that Tahl die, but Flash forgives him. He orders Combustion Ray Guns bombard the wall of ice. Khal convinces Dale not to doubt Flash. Mar escapes Azura's palace, intent to warn Dr. Zarkov of the pending attack. At dawn, the Blue Magic Army attacks Dr. Zarkov and the Hawkmen. Azura re-affirms her faith in Flash's leadership. Mar arrives, but is killed by a ray gun before he can reveal his information about Flash's bewitchment. Dr. Zarkov, seeing Flash, runs out of the tunnel to greet him. Flash responds by throwing a living-icicle torpedo at Dr. Zarkhov and the Hawkmen.
  • Dr. Zarkoff is Thawed Out
    Episode 10, 6 July 1935
    Incorporates elements from 30 June 1935 and 7 June 1935 comic strips, "Treachery" and "Prisoners of Magic"
    Dr. Zarkov is frozen at the entrance to the tunnel. Flash wonders why he called out to him as a friend. Queen Azura makes Flash drink more lethium, to reinforce his forgetfulness. Dr. Zarkov and other prisoners are taken to Azura's palace. Dr. Zarkov is unfrozen using an "electro-theraputic revivifier." General Tahl tells Dr. Zarkov that Flash is under the influence of lethium, and so does not remember his friends. Dr. Zarkov is taken to the kitchen, meets Dale Arden, and tells her that Flash is drugged. They plan to escape, using electric meat-roasting electrodes.
  • Dr. Zarkoff Shoots Crooks with Electrodes
    Episode 11, 13 July 1935
    Incorporates elements from 7 and 14 June 1935 comic strips, "Prisoners of Magic" and "Trapping the Witch Queen"
    Dr. Zarkov and Dale Arden use meat-roasting electrodes to subdue the cooks and kitchen guards. When Captain Khan is brought to the kitchen, he is rescued by Dr. Zarkov and Dale. General Tahl arrives in the kitchen. He is captured and tells how Queen Azura gives Flash the drug of forgetfulness. Dale delivers "vokko" (wine) to Flash and Azura. She tells Flash how Azura has drugged him by placing lethium in his wine. Flash forces Azura is to drink the drugged wine and she loses her memory. Dr. Zarkov gives Flash an antidote to restore his memory, if he has not been under the influence of lethium too long.
  • Flash Regains Memory
    Episode 12, 20 July 1935
    Incorporates elements from 21 July 1935 comic strip, "The Rebel General"
    Flash drinks the lethium antidote, regains his memory, and proclaims himself King of Blue Magic Land. He tells Queen Azura that she will rule Blue Magic Land under his orders. Dale tells Flash that she cannot quite forgive him for the way he acted about Azura. With Azura, Dr. Zarkov, Dale and Flash inspect the passing Blue Magic Men army from a palace balcony. General Tahl attacks Flash with his sword from behind, but Flash throws him from the balcony. When Flash tells a guard to care for Tahl, Dr. Zarkov implores, "Kill him or lock him up. I warn you, he is a trouble maker."
  • General Tahl Rescues Azura
    Episode 13, 27 July 1935
    Incorporates elements from 28 June 1935 comic strip, "Civil War"
    Flash orders Captain Kahn to guard Queen Azura in her quarters. Dale Arden is still jealous of Azura. Dale, Flash, and Dr. Zarkov search for the throne room. They find it behind two massive metal doors. Dr. Zarkov brings Grumm to the throne room. Grumm gives Flash glass globes filled with paralyzing gas. General Tahl plans to rescue Azura with a band of rebels. Grumm provides gas masks to protect the rebels from the paralyzing gas. Tahl and his rebels use sleep gas to overpower Kahn and the other guards. They carry Azura to safety. Tahl vows to kill Flash Gordon.
  • General Tahl Attacks Flash Behind a Huge Door
    Episode 14, 3 August 1935
    Incorporates elements from 4 August 1935 comic strip, "The Hunted King"
    General Tahl and his rebels attack Flash and Dr. Zarkov in their quarters. Dale finds Captain Kahn recovering from sleep gas, and Azura taken away. Kahn searches for Azura. Dale goes to warn Flash and Dr. Zarkov. Flash and Dr. Zarkov throw a glass globe of paralyzing gas at the rebels, with little effect because they are wearing gas masks. General Tahl orders a dissolvo-ray gun to melt the heavy metal door behind which Flash and Dr. Zarkov are hiding. While the rebels are bringing up the gun, Dale arrives and tells that Azura has escaped. The dissolvo-ray begins melting the door. Flash, Dale, and Dr. Zarkov seek escape by climbing from the window and using a vine to descend a steep cliff . . .
  • Dr. Zarkov Builds Invisible Ray Machine
    Episode 15, 10 August 1935
    Incorporates elements from 11 August 1935 comic strip, "The Invisible Warrior"
    Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov escape the palace by climbing down a vine-covered cliff and take shelter in a herdsman's cottage. General Tahl and his rebels discover that Flash, Dale, and Dr. Zarkov have escaped. Tahl orders search patrols to find them. Dr. Zarkov sends Flash to get parts for his latest invention, an invisibility machine. Tahl captures Captain Kahn and makes him Queen Azura's slave. Dr. Zarkov builds his invisibility machine. He focuses the machine's ray on Flash who disappears. Only his shadow remains.
  • The Avenging Shadow
    Episode 16, 17 August 1935
    Incorporates elements from 18 August 1935 comic strip, "The Avenging Shadow"
    Flash, Dale Arden, and Flash discuss his invisibility, and his plan to confront Queen Azura. Dr. Zarkov warns Flash to watch for first sight of his hands. This will indicate his invisibility is wearing off. General Tahl tells Azura, who has regained her memory, that Flash, Dale, and Dr. Zarkov escaped. Captain Khan, now a servant of Azura, tricks her into drinking lethium once again. She obeys his directions for dealing with Tahl. Dale worries about Flash and fears for his safety. Flash, invisible, gains the palace. To a terrified guard he says, "Go and tell Azura The Avenging Shadow is coming."
  • Azura Regains Memory
    Episode 17, 24 August 1935
    Incorporates elements from 25 August 1935, "The Unseen Warrior" comic strip
    Dale and Dr. Zarkov wait for Flash to return. Flash returns safely, just as his hands become invisible. Dr. Zarkov gives Flash a second invisibility treatment. Queen Azura recovers from her second dose of lethium. Captain Khan is imprisoned after his plot is discovered. Azura orders her guards to stand outside her quarters and let no one pass. Dale continues to worry about Flash and his safety. They decide to collect firewood. Dr. Zarkov warns Dale to be careful in the woods. Dale screams, and is then silent. Flash, invisible, strikes General Tahl, and then escapes, promising to return.
  • Flash, Still Invisible, Escapes
    Episode 18, 31 August 1935
    Incorporates elements from 1 September 1935, "The Hand of Doom" comic strip
    Flash leaps from Queen Azura's quarters and escapes. Azura orders her guard to shoot for Flash's voice if he returns. General Tahl is revived. Dr. Zarkov finds Dale Arden in the woods, captive of an Ape Man! She escapes, runs to the cottage, gets Dr. Zarkov's ray gun, and kills the Ape Man. Dale continues to worry about Flash. Revived, Tahl suggests discovering and capturing Dr. Zarkov, to prevent Flash from renewing his invisibility. Still invisible, Flash rescues Captain Khan. Then he captures Queen Azura just as his visibility returns.
  • General Tahl Tries Capturing Dr. Zarkov
    Episode 19, 7 September 1935
    Incorporates elements from 8 September 1935, "The Pit of Peril" comic strip
    Escaping the guards, Flash and Queen Azura run to the hills near the palace. There, Flash drags Azura through The Iron Door and into The Pit of Peril. Dr. Zarkov and Dale continue to collect firewood and plan where to hide if someone comes looking for them. Dr. Zarkov leaves to look for Flash. Dale remains at the cottage. Captain Khan captures Azura's guard and takes control of the palace. Dale sees soldiers approaching the cottage and hides in the loft. General Tahl sets the cottage afire. In The Pit of Peril, Azura, fearful, begs Flash to return her to the palace. The Death Dwarfs attack.
  • Pit of Peril and Death Dwarfs
    Episode 20, 14 September 1935
    Incorporates elements from September 15 1935, "The Death Dwarfs" comic strip
    The Death Dwarfs capture Queen Azura. Flash promises to protect her. Dale Arden is rescued from the burning cottage by Dr. Zarkov. Dale uses the invisibility machine to make Dr. Zarkov invisible. As Dr. Zarkov starts to make Dale invisible, General Tahl returns and discovers the invisibility machine. Dr. Zarkov knocks out Tahl and destroys his machine, to keep the Blue Magic Men from using it. They head to Azura's palace. Captain Khan confronts Tahl at the palace and when it appears that Flash and Azura are dead in the Pit of Peril, he surrenders. The Death Dwarfs take Azura to the Pit of Fire, to "roast the magic out of her."
  • Pit of Fire
    Episode 21, 21 September 1935
    Incorporates elements from 22 September 1935, "The Fiery Caldron" comic strip
    Queen Azura tries to bargain with the Death Dwarfs, promising them freedom from their underground imprisonment if they return her safely. Hokko, the king of the Death Dwarfs refuses and orders Azura thrown into The Pit of Fire, an underground volcano. Flash, now visible, leaps into the group of dwarfs and kills, Hokko. Using Hokko's sword, Flash pole-vaults across the Pit of Fire with Queen Azura on his back. Together, they run to the Iron Door, beyond which is Azura's palace, and safety. Dr. Zarkov and Dale Arden arrive at the palace and begin searching for Flash. General Tahl mocks Khan for believing that Flash is still alive. Dr. Zarkov, invisible, speaks with Khan in his prison cell. Dr. Zarkov says he will search for The Iron Door and find Flash. Flash and Azura reach The Iron Door, but it is barred from the outside. Flash holds off of the Death Dwarfs, as long as he can.
  • Trapped behind the Iron Door
    Episode 22, 28 September 1935
    Incorporates elements from 29 September 1935, "The Green-Eyed Dragon" comic
    strip Against The Iron Door, barred from the outside, Flash and Queen Azura apologize to each other and plan to die fighting the Death Dwarfs. General Tahl, who now calls himself himself King, offers Captain Khan the post of Commander-In-Chief of his army. Khan refuses allegiance to Tahl and is returned to his prison cell. Dr. Zarkov reports to Dale Arden, saying he has not found Flash. They free Khan who might be able to lead them to The Iron Door in the hills. Flash fights the Death Dwarfs but realizes he cannot hold them off much longer. Kahn, Dr. Zarkov, and Dale find The Iron Door. Dr. Zarkov opens The Iron Door just in time to witness Azura asking Flash to kiss her before they die at the hands of the Death Dwarfs. Dale calls Flash a traitor. Dr. Zarkov takes Azura prisoner.
  • Flash, King of the Cave World
    Episode 23, 5 October 1935
    Incorporates elements from 6 October 1935, "The Ambush" comic strip
    Dale is heartbroken when she catches Flash in the arms of Queen Azura. Her love for Flash turns to jealousy. Flash and Dale have a heated debate. Flash proclaims his love for Dale. Azura explains the situation, and assures Dale of Flash's love. King Tahl inspects the palace in preparation for his coronation ceremony. Using a "sightoscope" Tahl sees Captain Khan running toward the palace. He rides out alone to capture Kahn, but is taken prisoner himself by Kahn, who is armed with a ray pistol. They discard their weapons and prepare to fight hand-to-hand to the finish. Dale wants to return to Earth, but Flash enjoys conquest and being a king too much to leave. Soldiers approach, intent to kill Flash, Dale, and Dr. Zarkov. Azura orders them them to stop, and proclaims Flash King of Kira, the cave world. The soldiers tell Azura that in her absence, Tahl seized the throne.
  • General Tahl Seizes Azura's Throne
    Episode 24, 12 October 1935
    Incorporates elements from 13 October 1935, "A Lost Kingdom" comic strip
    This episode introduced as "The Adventures of Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim" Queen Azura convinces Flash, Dr. Zarkov, and her soldiers that General Tahl was correct to take control of Blue Magic Land if she was presumed dead. If he learns that she is alive, he will step aside. Everyone proceeds to the palace. On the plain outside the palace, Captain Khan and General Tahl fight. Tahl is victorious. Tahl learns that Flash, Dr. Zarkov, and Dale Arden are still alive. He commands his troops to find and kill them. Arriving at the palace, Flash presents his plan to get inside and take possession of the throne. In the palace, Tahl is killed as a traitor by a soldier loyal to Azura, who commands all to receive King Flash Gordon. Flash proposes building a space ship to survey Azura's kingdom. Flash proposes to Dale. Dr. Zarkov builds the space ship. He, Flash, and Dale launch on a mapping and survey mission. The space ship, increasing its speed, leaves the gravitational pull of Mongo and heads toward Earth. Where will it land? Dr. Zarkov says, "I don't know."
  • Flash, Dale, and Dr. Zarkov Crash in Rocket
    Episode 25, 19 October 1935
    This episode introduced as "The Adventures of Flash Gordon and Jungle Jim"
    On an island of Malaysia, Jungle Jim, gentleman adventurer, "beloved friend of all good men, no matter what their race or color might be," is introduced, along with his companion, Kolu. They have just escaped burial in sand up to their necks with their heads covered with molasses to attract ants by "that black snake Dirk Rommney." They find a boat and travel back to their camp. On the way they rescue missionary Rev. Manley Chalmers and his wife from a wild cat attacking their camp. Jungle Jim tells his story to the Rev. Chalmers and his wife, providing background for the Jungle Jim radio drama that will soon follow. Flash, Dale Arden, and Dr. Zarkov interrupt when they crash land their rocket ship nearby. Rev. Chalmers remembers Dr. Zarkov and his mysterious disappearance two years earlier. Rev. Chalmers agrees to talk with Flash and Dale about their desire to marry.
  • Flash and Dale Married in the Jungle
    Episode 26, 26 October 1935
    The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon series ends.
    The Adventures of Jungle Jim series takes over the time slot.
    Premier episode 2 November 1935.
The Further Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon

28 October 1935-6 February 1936
Mutual Broadcasting System (MBS)
Total episodes: 74
Surviving episodes: 4

  • Fortress Bombarded
    Episode 39; 18 December 1935, available
    Shells from the destructo cannon fall short of the fortress, making Flash and Commander Grego wonder whether the Atlantean soldiers firing them might be hesitant. Flash contacts a loyal soldier and orders cease firing and the arrest DuFarge. Dale Arden and Flash are reunited in Atlantis. DuFarge is brought to Flash. DuFarge swears to overthrow Flash and claim the throne for himself. Flash threatens DuFarge with execution and orders him jailed. Count Alexa, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, arrives. Alexa tells Flash scientific progress in Atlantis is threatened because its cooper mines are nearly exhausted. Copper might be obtained from The Fire Kingdom, ruled by Emperor Menelah, but bad relations and lack of public support make this solution impractical. Another source of copper is The Land of Titans, ruled by the Empress Luanna. But, Luanna dislikes paying annual tribute to Atlantis. If Flash goes to Luanna, as an ambassador, he may convince her to provide Atlantis with copper if he abolishes the annual tribute. The men of Titan, however, vow to kill every foreigner who crosses their borders as a possible suitor for Luanna's hand in marriage. They insist she marry a Titan. She, however, refuses. Grego agrees to accompany Flash. "You will need someone with you when you die."
  • The Titans
    Episode 40; 19 December 1935, available
    Flash and Commander Grego prepare to depart for The Land of Titans. They will travel by chariots so not to offend the Titans, who are jealous of the technological superiority of Atlantis. There is no way to contact Empress Luanna, and any messenger will be killed once across the border. Flash suggests they take Dale Arden, to show they are not interested in marrying Luanna. Flash, Grego, and Dale meet the Titan border guards. Flash explains that he and his companions have come to offer Luanna a treaty. The Titans deliver them to Luanna's palace. She is away, however, and Flash, Grego, and Dale are imprisoned until her return. Prince Neron commands Dale brought to him. Dales tells Neron of their plans for a treaty and asks for his help persuading Luanna. He says he might consider approving the treaty, if Dale will marry him. If not, he will kill Flash and Grego. Nearon advances on Dale, who kills him with a dissolvo pistol.
  • Showdown with Taurock
    Episode 45; 30 December 1935, available

    Previously: Failing to escape the Land of Titans, when it is invaded by King Taurock, of the Iron Kingdom, Flash and Commander Grego are sentenced to death in a pit of molten iron. Empress Luanna, of the Titans, escaped capture. What will happen next?

    Flash and Commmander Grego are forced onto a scaffold above the pit of molten iron. The rocket ships of Atlantis arrive, and bombing King Taurock's army with "destructo grenades." Dr. Zarkov and soldiers of Atlantis free Flash and Grego from the chains binding them with a "dissolvo." Taurock and some of his soldiers barricade themselves in the palace. Flash orders ten Atlantean soldiers to position themselves outside with a battering ram. He and Grego will enter the room once the door is breached and bring out Taurock, "dead or alive."

    Flash orders his soldiers to apply the battering ram. Flash and his soldiers engage Taurock and his men. Flash and Taurock fight hand to hand. Flash orders Taurock sent to a copper mine for the rest of his life.

    The rocket planes are ready to return to Atlantis. Flash leaves orders to rebuild Luanna's palace, destroyed by Taurock. On their return, Flash learns of The Feast of Poseidon from the High Priest of The Temple of Plato. Flash, The Emperor of Atlantis, must demonstrate his love for Poseidon by killing the person he loves best: Dr. Zarkov, Dale Arden, or Grego!

  • Sacrifice for Poseidon
    Episode 46; 31 December 1935, available
    Grego tells Flash that his refusal to choose a sacrifice to the god Poseidon will result in the death of all his friends and many others. Grego and Dr. Zarkov decide that one of them offer themself to Flash for the sacrifice. They choose by cutting a deck of cards. Dr. Zarkov draws the winning card and plans to offer himself for the sacrifice. The next morning, Dr. Zarkov and Grego tell Flash they have made his decision for sacrifice for him, and Dr. Zarkov must die. Dale Arden arrives, and learns that Dr. Zarkov was chosen. Flash writes his decision in a message to The High Priest. The decision is rejected. Dale Arden must die instead as she is most beloved by Flash.

These four surviving episodes of The Further Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon were combined and broadcast on two separate dates as part of the Lights Out program, hosted by Owen Coppin of CFMI FM (Rock 101) radio, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Lights Out program broadcasts classic old time radio on Sunday nights.

The first combination, broadcast May 1988, included episodes #45, "Showdown with Taurock," and #46, "Sacrifice for Poseidon." The second combination included episodes #39, "Fortress Bombarded," and #40 "The Titans" and was broadcast November 1988. These broadcasts were apparently recorded on air by someone (not he, says Coppin; email to John Barber, 5 April 2015), titled The Lost Continent of Atlantis, parts 1 and 2, and circulated on the Internet. They are still available online. Part 1 has been edited to remove station announcements. Part 2 retains enough of the original announcements to identify its source.

Episodes Inventory
  • Unknown
    Episode 17; 11 November 1935, not available
    Escaping from The Queen Nylanda, Queen of the Crocodiles, Flash kills a giant crocodile and meets with Dr. Zarkov in the submarine Neptune. They are taken prisoner by Raoul Dufarge.
  • Unknown
    Episode 18; 12 November 1935, not available
    The soldiers of Queen Nylanda, Queen of the Crocodiles, attack the submarine Neptune and are held off by a machine gun. Flash and Dr. Zarkov explore the sunken wreck of the Belgrovia looking for plans for a secret ray that can stop airplanes in flight. A monster attacks!
  • Unknown
    Episode 38; 17 December 1935, not available
    Flash defeats the armies of Morgat at the Battle of the Hilltop Fortress. Dale Arden and Dr. Zarkov are saved. Flash is again hailed as Emperor of Atlantis. But, the Sub-Strata forces, with their "destructo cannon" return, led by Raoul DuFarge, arch enemy of Flash and Dr. Zarkov. DuFarge convinces the Atlantean Sub-Strata forces, loyal to Flash, that The Hilltop Fortress is filled with enemies and orders them to attack with their cannon. Flash, Commander Grego, and Lieutenant Redna are called to action.
  • Fortress Bombarded
    Episode 39; 18 December 1935, available
  • The Titans
    Episode 40; 19 December 1935, available
  • Showdown with Taurock
    Episode 45; 30 December 1935, available
  • Sacrifice for Poseidon
    Episode 46; 31 December 1935, available

At least three episodes of The Official Adventures of Flash Gordon circulate. These episodes may be recreations of episodes of The Further Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon as broadcast on WRR, Dallas, Texas.

  • Fake Attack
    date unknown, available
  • Decoy of Ming The Merciless
    date unknown, available
  • The Mole
    date unknown, available