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Radio Nouspace considers radio as an ecology of listening and learning experiences.

Content includes historical and experimental radio+audio drama, radio+sound art, spoken word and sound poetry, aural-oral history, creative/experimental music, soundscapes, found sound, and sound-based narratives.

To promote fluid engagement and listening experiences with this content Radio Nouspace experiments with radio as a form of art AND a transmission medium for art in different forms.

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Channel Descriptions


Bleeps, bloops, and other sounds from Ataris, Commodores, GameBoys, Ninetendos, talking wrist watches, toy keyboards, and pioneer synthesizers push classic videogame consoles and home computers to their limits and beyond to create the electro-chippy melodies and clicky, crunchy beats of these compositions by Nullsleep, Mesu Kaasumai, Minus, Paza, Trash80, Andrew Welch, i, cactus, and others. Pump up the volume, dial in the aesthetics, and listen to sounds of yesterday's future. License: Creative Commons, Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivations.

78s & Cylinders

Too long hidden in attics and basements, 78s and cylinder records are once again cool and Radio Nouspace is playing them. Blues, classical, country, folk, gospel, jazz, old time Appalachian, opera, spoken voice, and more, all in the public domain.

Binaural Banjo

An experiment by Jon Wheeler who proselytizes for the five-sting banjo from his home in New Mexico. His drones and ambient pieces for guitar and banjo are quite interesting. License: Creative Commons, Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivations. LEARN more at Wheeler's Drone Lab blog and The Binaural Banjo blog.

Drone. Noise. Ambient.

Drone. Noise. Ambient. DNA. Electronic experimental alternative ambient music, or sounds that invoke a rhythmic or melodic quality. Features local and international artists. License: Creative Commons, Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivations. Headphones assure the best listening experiences.

Found Sounds

"Found Sounds" describes audio objects created from undisguised, but often modified, sound files that are not normally considered art, often because they already have a non-art function. Ben Wolf created his FoundSounds Podcasts from cassette tapes scrounged from thrift stores, yard sales, basements, boxes on the side of the road, and other sources. He mixed samples from these cassette tapes to create sound collages/sonic mind adventures, that, although lo-fi (no effects beside manipulating the tape itself: slowing down, speeding up, playing backwards and EQ), are meditative and strangely intriguing. Content includes new age synthesizer music, nature sounds, Bible stories, guided meditations, and children’s audiobooks. Available through Internet Archive. License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

Jazz Club

Jazz music from the 1920s-1950s, now in the public domain. Listen to performances by Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, The Bucktown Five, The California Ramblers, The Golden Gate Orchestra, Helen Kane, Isham Jones and his Orchestra, The Ragtimers, and many others.

Level 98660

Vancouver, Washington (postal code 98660), offers independent musicians an opportunity to share their alternative, non-mainstream music via creative commons licenses. LEARN more more about Level 98660.


Album-A-Day is a project of Crap Art, an evolving art practice with an emphasis on exploration and discovery rather than invention. The project challenges musicians to produce a full album in one day. The results are interesting, experimental mish-mashes. LEARN more more about Album-A-Day.


Dark ambient music. Headphones strongly recommended for best listening experiences.
"If you are not listening to Sadayatana with headphones, you are not listening to Sadayatana."
— Anonymous
LEARN more more about Sadayatana.


Episodes of the weekly VBR Radio Show originally broadcast on Radio Periszkop FM, Pechs, Hungary, 27 May 2006-14 March 2007. Each episode is a collage of electronica and ambient music compiled by Banyek (real name András Hargitai, aka Soutien Gorge). Distributed exclusively by VBR net.label. License: Creative Commons, Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivations.

Brizbomb (Matt Brizlawn)

Vancouver sound artist Matt Brizlawn built and uses the Brizbomb to create multimedia / real time experimental visual audio. All audio and video are generated live, with no edits, overdubs, computers, keyboards, samples, or pre-recorded material. For more information see the LEARN more at the Brizbomb website.

Radio+Sound Art

As one of the most significant (perhaps the most significant) technologies of the 20th century, radio, since its inception, has been considered either an art form in its own right, or a medium with which one can create art from sound. The radio art artist is one who uses sound to make art. The transmission capabilities of radio are the preferred medium because, as a result of the practice, the radio medium can be used in ways different than its original intention. Radio + sound art points toward a new type of radio, and Radio Nouspace takes pride in offering classic and contemporary examples. LEARN more more about Radio + Sound Art