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Curated listening opportunities.


Specially curated, on demand listening opportunities, each with a specific theme or focus. These special programs are meant for learning and listening. Enjoy.

Women's History Radio Tribute

March is Women's History Month in the United States, an appropriate time to consider contributions by women to radio. Radio Nouspace spotlights several women who made significant and pioneering contributions to the radio ecology with this specially curated collection. LEARN more.

Say Their Names

Since the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Department officers, 25 May 2020, thousands of protesters around the world have called out "Say their names!" By speaking their names aloud, victims of police violence and brutality are no longer unknown, or forgotten. They are people, their lives and dreams cut short, but now remembered. Say Their Names displays and speaks the names of Black, Asian, and Native Americans brutalized and murdered by police around the country. LEARN more.

A Change Is Gonna Come

This special program celebrates Sam Cooke and his 1964 song "A Change Is Gonna Come," an anthem for civil rights and social justice with many covers made my different artists. Reconsidering "A Change Is Gonna Come" is timely as around the world people are marching, protesting, activating, and agitating for civil rights and social justice. This program provides background for Cooke's song, and opportunities to interact with a number of versions.

So what? Today, from the highest level of government to our local communities, the civil rights and social justice of many people are vigorously attacked and routinely denied. It is easy to give up, to give in, to this constant onslaught, but A Change Is Gonna Come reminds us that we can overcome, and can help to keep our spirits high as we push for change. LEARN more.

Inspiring, Hopeful Music

These are strange and dark times. All around the world, folks are hunkered down hoping to hear some positive news, something in which to believe. Jamie Ryan Downey, who is hunkered down in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, came to Radio Nouspace via American Dust. Turns out he is a musician, plays guitar, and interested in the sounds heard here. We invited him to curate some music we all could enjoy listening to while sitting at home, sounds that would give us hope. He did, and it is a great collection, inspiring and hopeful. LEARN more.